Internet Wholesale Services

We are offering internet wholesale services, which imported by foreign gateways to Internet service providers (ISPs) through own fiber optic network.


  • A Coverage in Ulaanbaatar , 21 provinces centers and 285 soums
  • VPN service
  • 7/24 hour network control and monitoring system
  • Opportunities to acquire external IP addresses
  • Information security of customers
  • Ensured network reliability and reserved IP streams


According to the policy issued by the Government of Mongolia to deliver affordable internet services in rural areas, we have reduced our price by 4 times starting from January, 2013 to improve accessibility for rural customers.

Subscription order

Technical conditions will be arranged upon  your request for the service which is  received  either  by fax or  e-mail. Along with the official request letter, a customer is to provide an ISP service license issued by the CRC.   Based on available  technical conditions, a customer will be  able to contract  with the Marketing division and get the requested service. An application  template of service contract is downloadable at and a customer is advised to send the duly filled in application to e-mail address given below.


Contact information for  subscription order  and  contracting:

·         Tel: 70112605

·         Fax: 70112605

·         E-mail:


Service enabling:

After completion of  the contract signing  and  service payment processed, our technical  engineer will enable the required  channel/s/ and the service/s/ will be launched as soon as  engineers of the two parties execute  a “Service connectivity act”. 

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