Main services

Network services

ICNC established its own backbone network of internet wholesale services in Ulaanbaatar and 21 aimags into operation and is offering internet wholesale services to internet services providers. 

ICNC offers Point-to-point (pseudowire), VPN services  of Layer 2(VPLS)  and  Layer 3 (VPRN), international IPLS based on MPLS protocol l through its  data network with a high quality.

Now we are working to introduce an information and communications transit network connecting Asia and Europe in collaboration with China Telecom and China Unicom of the People’s Republic of China and Transtelecom and Rostelecom of the Russian Federation, leading telecommunications companies in the international market.

Co-location and Infrastructure/tower leasing services

It offers co-location services to mobile operators and other service providers. Infrastructures for leasing include towers and premises for co-locating antennas and other equipment, space or facility at its premises and provides regular safety watches.    .

Out Side Plants /OSPs/

We offer   leasing  OSPs including  cable manholes, ducts and  leased local lines /cable pairs/. About 80 entities  including  mobile operators, ISPs and public and private businesses are getting the services.


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