Outside plant SERVICE

We offer renting services of OSPs to public and private organizations, operators and service providers in order to increase the level of cable infrastructure consumption and optimize it. OSPs include manholes, ducts and pairs of physical cables, utilized in Ulaanbaatar and all other provinces.

There are available 6005 manholes and 487,252.5 meter ducts for rent in Ulaanbaatar area. In according to technical condition approved by the department of Local network rent agreement will be established.

New customers

A new  customer is requested to provide an official letter for subscribing  the respective service/s/ if you are planning  to contract with us. Upon your subscription, the Local Network Department /LND/ will determine available technical conditions and the OSP rent service/s/  will be contracted based on the agreed  technical conditions. Subscriptions can be made in advance either via  

  • Telephone: 976-7011 2607
  • Fax:   976-7011 2607
  • E-mail: mandakh.kh@icnc.mn

Contract execution can be made in person visiting the central office building of  the company or it is enough to send is a filled in  template of service contract downloadable at click here. While coming to execute the required contract, a customer is requested to bring an official letter for accessing a network,  a photo copy of the entity certification and other documents deemed necessary.

The LND identifies the requested technical  conditions within  15 business days. Contact officers will draft the contract based on the technical  conditions provided by the LND and will submit  it to the subscribed customer. 


Service enabling:

The OSP rent service contract is subject to  execution upon mutual agreement of the parties. After completion of payment processes, … 

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