Technical cooperation (Outsourcing)

ICNC is cooperating with more than 200 entities including telecom operators, network users such as public and private business organizations and entrepreneurs. Technical operation and maintenance of some networks and facilities have been outsourced based on contracts and ensured for 7/24 service reliability. 


  • Mobicom sites in rural areas
  • IT network of the City Department
  • Traffic light network  in Ulaanbaatar  city
  • Emergency Management Center Network of Ulaanbaatar city

We provide co-sourcing services for operation and  maintenance of long distance transmission networks of other telecom operators and service providers  who have their networks running transmission services.

Services of outsourcing:

  • Preventive technical check-up services subject to fixed time schedules and  plans (1-2 times a year)
  • Repair  network deficiencies and failures  upon  subscriptions
  • Security watches over premises and sites  in rural areas
  • Power supply readiness
  • Fuel and diesel supplies
  • Assets transfer and shifting


Outsourcing outcomes and benefits  

  • Decreased costs of operation and maintenance for the partnering customers  
  • Easy to  control the cost
  • Cooperation of  highly qualified  and experienced engineers capable to organize technical operation and maintenance by providing integrated technological management of the backbone network.  ( Terrestrial  and Satellite)
  • Improved productivity with proper management  for  technological capacities of  networks
  • Increased utilization of fixed assets
  • Exploitation of internal resources

Subscription order:

Technical terms and conditions will be identified upon  your request for the service which is  received  either  by fax or  e-mail. Based on  technical  conditions, a customer will be  able to contract  with the Marketing division and get the requested service. An application  template of service contract is downloadable at and a customer is advised to send the duly filled in application to e-mail address given below.

Contact information for  subscription order and contracting:

  • Tel: 70112605
  • Fax: 70112605
  • E-mail:

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