Video conference is a process of communications between 2 or more locations through facilities supported by telecommunication technologies by allowing simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. The video conferencing facility of the company will enable customers to save time and cost, to conduct distance-learning activities and conferences, carry out television interviews and live broadcasting involving Ulaanbaatar and all provinces at the same time. Our video conferencing facility is supported by latest technology solutions and equipped with high quality audio and video devices and comfortable environment.

A customer is advised to subscribe  the video conferencing facility in advance  to organize video conference, seminars or business meetings  in order to ensure technical availability for  the respective event to be organized at the subscribed time with  qualified satisfaction  and  real-time assurances.


 Service preferences

Process: All participants attending a video conference will be able to share or transmit text and multimedia files though  a high-speed network which  means  that the conduct of  video conference is as same as a face-to-face  business meeting. In addition, during the video conferencing, two-way conversations can be recorded which  allow to analyze points or issues raised during conversations  and the facility will serve as an additional tool to   improve the business relationship.


Security and reliability

The  service quality of the facility is preferable comparing  with commonly adopted audio and video online programs. The video conferencing facility allows the following preferences to customers and users:

-       Unlimited  distance boundaries

-       Time saving

-       Sustainable  operating  servers

-       Preferences of Personal computers


Readiness: The video conferencing  facility and especially equipped rooms are  available for those who have limited premises for business conversations and official  meetings.   The video conferencing facility is In this case it’s possible to arrange video conference in 21 aimags simultaneously.


Vocational  support

Technical assistants and support  of ICT engineers are available to  customers.



A customer is requested to provide an official correspondence whereby technical conditions will be identified in response to your official correspondence. Subscription orders can be made in advance through fax or e-mail. Click here and download  templates for order forms and send back duly filled in forms. Customers are advised  to order the facility in advance for organizing video conferences, seminars and business meetings  to ensure   technical readiness  of the broadband network.


Contact information for subscription orders and cooperation

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